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Where Your
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Your support transcends mere numbers; it's a catalyst for transformative change in the lives of children in need. Every donation serves as a pivotal lifeline, turning financial transparency into tangible triumphs and guiding young lives towards a future illuminated with promise.

Financial Strategy

Prioritizes longevity, meaningful change, and resourcefulness in our financial strategy. Every decision we make must answer affirmatively to three questions: Will it support our long-term operations? Will it lead to significant, positive impact? And, are we optimizing every dollar spent? This approach ensures each donation is used responsibly, maximizing its effect, and supporting the sustainable continuation of our work.


Revenue Breakdown

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Board of Directors

General Donors







The Budding Lotus Endowment

Recognizing the need to be both proactive and sustainable, we are establishing an endowment fund in the early stages of our operations. Understanding that financial stability is essential for the long-term impact of our mission, we are pleased to introduce the Budding Lotus Endowment. This fund serves as a critical component in advancing our work for children's welfare and their future prospects.

$100,000 Total by 2026

$6,000 Dividend by 2026

2022 | Executive Summary

The economic challenges of 2022 have had a constraining effect on donor contributions, compelling us to optimize the allocation of resources across our programs. Nevertheless, we have achieved key milestones including the enrollment of 10 children in vocational schools, expansion of strategic partnerships within Vietnam, and the recruitment of a specialized Science and Math teacher.


The Budding Lotus Endowment continues to grow in line with major indexes and dividend growth continues to show strong resiliency.

Through collaboration, we have strengthened our partnership with other NGOs to considerably expand joint programs, some of which doubled.

Our annual fundraising forecast was $20,000. We are grateful to have been able to surpass that amount for a total of $28,000, a 40% surprise.

Exe. Summary
Year Over Year




*Majority of revenue comes from board & corporate donations for the purpose of starting the endowment





Dollars to Impact
Operational Expenses

*All non board and non corporate donors have 100% of their donations going towards impact.

*We anticipate initial year costs to be higher due to startup requirements

Annual Report
Thanks for your generous support in 2022! See what you helped accomplish.
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