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Hello/ Xin Chào

Duty is a heartfelt commitment to doing what's right, even when faced with challenges. It's a sacred trust, a promise to ourselves and to others.

I stand where I am today because of the unconditional kindness extended to me by those who believed in me. They gave without expecting anything in return. It's now my honor, my duty, to share that same kindness with others, to light their path and to acknowledge those who've brightened mine.

But we know there are many out there doing extraordinary things for others, and they need our support. Let's join hands to show them they're not alone. Together, we can echo the kindness we've received, nurturing a tradition of human compassion that resonates deep within our spirit. We must do this, for it's not only our duty; it's our privilege, a legacy of empathy and connection that binds us all.

So I extend an invitation to you: Let's help one another. If you're unsure how, just reach out. We're here for you. Because in our hearts, we each hold the power to inspire, to uplift, to make a difference.

With kindest regards,





Michael D. Nguyen

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My Story

My name is Michael, and as the founder of Invictus Spirit Foundation, I've embarked on a journey filled with exploration, growth, and purpose. My path, beginning with honorable service as a U.S. Marine, has unveiled unexpected and inspiring opportunities that led me to discover my true calling. Invictus Spirit Foundation was born not from a plan but from a profound realization about the potential in others and the desire to foster it, especially in those who have been handed challenges in life.My mission is guided by principles of compassion, empowerment, and belief in the innate potential of every individual, particularly children facing adversity. Through Invictus Spirit, I strive to create a platform that nurtures and emboldens children, equipping them with the tools, support, and mentorship they need to transcend their circumstances and embark on a bright and promising future.I invite you to be part of this extraordinary effort, where together, we lay the foundation for success and build a brighter future for our children.Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey.

How Invictus Spirit Started

You know, back in my college days, I got caught up in the excitement of day trading. Honestly, it was easy to get a little full of myself. But one day, I was chatting with a friend, and she mentioned she was volunteering at an orphanage. She shared some pictures, and man, it hit me like a ton of bricks. I knew right then and there that I had to do something, something real.

So I took $50 and bought nutritional milk for those kids. It was a small start, but it was a start.

And then, as I traveled more, I stumbled upon something incredible. I realized that American dollars could go so much further in countries like Vietnam & Thailand. It was like a lightbulb moment: we could make a significant impact on these children's lives, and it wouldn't even cost us that much.

It's amazing how life takes you down paths you never expected, isn't it? That simple conversation with my friend turned into a life-changing realization. We could help more children in more impactful ways, and all it took was that first step.

From the moment Invictus Spirit was born, we've been on a rich journey of growth and understanding. We’ve come to realize that nurturing the lives of children isn't a static mission, but rather a vibrant tapestry of ever-changing needs and opportunities. Each challenge we've met has been a lesson learned, every dollar invested is a step closer to transformation, and every new supporter brings a unique light to our mission, enriching our collective impact.

Where I See Invictus Spirit Going

Looking ahead, the optimism is palpable. The goal isn't merely to alleviate suffering, but to unlock a realm of opportunities for the children we serve. The vision is to build a world where the only limitations children face are the boundaries of their imaginations. Every new day represents another chance to transform these young lives, and in the process, we're not just changing individual stories; we're rewriting the narrative for communities and, ultimately, the world.

Achieving our vision is built on the cornerstones of strategic partnerships and financial resilience. By aligning with like-minded organizations, we can pool resources and expertise to create synergistic solutions that amplify our mission's reach and impact. Concurrently, financial resilience remains paramount; we're committed to building a diverse portfolio of funding through grants, donations, and sponsorships. This dual focus allows us to scale our initiatives effectively while maintaining the agility and innovation that are the hallmarks of a startup NGO, all aimed at realizing a world where every child can achieve their full potential.

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