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By supporting them with basics needs including education, we believe we can work with them towards creating a brighter future together.

100% of your donation goes directly to our programs.


Financial Strategy

Sustainability, impact-driven, and efficiency are the guiding principles we follow when modeling our financial strategy. Our decision process is simple; all actions must tie back to those three principles.

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Revenue Breakdown

Board of Directors

General Donors







Financial Strategy

The Budding Lotus Endowment

In order to meet unforeseen challenges while continuing to support ongoing operations, we believe it critical to establish an endowment early on. We are a for-purpose enterprise and we take that to heart. Whether we agree with it or not, we recognize that money is what will allow us to expand and support the operations that are critical to the welfare and future of the children we serve. Therefore, we are filled with pride and joy in establishing the Budding Lotus Endowment, a seed towards realizing a beautiful future.

Income Forecast

BoD Note: 2021 our goal is to establish a dividend income of $1,000. Through careful selection we forecast that the endowment will pass that by $100. We anticipate continued organic dividend growth for the endowment.

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Raised to Date: $30,000.00

Board Funding: $20,000.00

Corporate Funding: $10,000.00

Small Donor Funding: None

Annual Dividend: $1,000.00

5 Year Goal: $100,000.00

Status: On Track

2021 | Executive Summary

2021 has been a challenging year where uncertainty was the only consistent part of life. As countries battled Covid-19, we continued working with various groups to bring aid to children in need. Despite the difficulties that arose with Vietnam's lock downs, we were able to successful award numerous scholarships, send several students to school, bring food to families, and various other forms of support.


We successfully raised more than our $20,000 target from our seed round to fully fund the Budding Lotus Endowment.

We identified & established relationships with several NGOs. We completed three joint ventures and have several more planned for 2022.

Our initial fundraising forecast was $25,000. We are grateful to have been able to surpass that amount for a total of $43,000, a 72% surprise.

Year Over Year




*Majority of revenue comes from board & corporate donations for the purpose of starting the endowment





Dollars to Impact
Operational Expenses

*All non board and non corporate donors have 100% of their donations going towards impact. Reflects commitments made in 2021, distributed in 2022.

*We anticipate initial year costs to be higher due to startup requirements

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Future Growth Forecast
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100% of your online donation goes directly to our programs

Annual Report


Thank you for your generous support in 2021! See what we were able to do together.

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Annual Report
IRS Form 990
Annual Report
IRS Form 990

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