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Our Promise to Make a Difference

Our Mission: A Brighter Tomorrow


 Total Children Impacted

By the Numbers

At our social enterprise, we believe in not only preserving, but inspiring and empowering the essence of charity within the human spirit. We see it as our responsibility to set a positive example for future generations by demonstrating that there are individuals and organizations out there who care deeply and are committed to making a difference. By taking action and making an impact, we hope to inspire and empower others to join us in creating a better world.

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ISF serves as a platform for supporting the well-being of children from disadvantaged backgrounds or those at risk of becoming underprivileged. We are committed to fulfilling this duty by providing resources, opportunities, and support to help these children overcome the challenges they face and thrive.

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Our Impact
Year 2021.


Our Long Term Vision

Ultimately we wish to be able to represent these children on the world stage by engaging them with large corporations in a way where everyone can benefit. We want to be able to work with large corporations to find meaningful careers for these kids. We get it though. We understand there must be a clear value stream that includes everyone. So our current proposal is offering to work with these corporations to help fund post grade school education. Should students prove their abilities, then it is our hopes that they would be able to find work with the corporations that supported them. This is how we intend to do that:

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Learning & Evaluation

Education is the most cost efficient and sustainable way to break out of poverty. To simply educate is not enough and we must identify and evaluate the impact it has in order to continuously improve for the betterment of their future.

Metrics are key to understanding our impact and the driving force for decisions made. We are looking for results that meet our desired outcomes, not just executing a curriculum. It is our belief that by taking this approach, we can provide an opportunity for these kids to catch up in society.

How It Works

Sustainability and self sufficiency are key. We approach and vet groups that are already supporting children in various capacities and work with them to identify opportunities to improve or expand.

Identify Similar Mission Orgs.


Analyze Impact & Improve


Vet Operations & Proposals


Collaborate on Execution


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Provide Support & Financing

Your Tax-Deductible Donation Gives Hope to Children in Need

When you donate to the Invictus Spirit Foundation, you are providing the following for children:

  • A Full Stomach

  • A Chance for Education

  • Mental and Physical Care

  • Ability to Hope


Every dollar of online donations goes directly to children impact programs

Our Current Goals

By year's end of 2023, we will strengthen our partnerships by increasing investments in programs and expand on our awareness capabilities to reach a larger audience.

Create sustainable investment strategy to allocate resources across three separate partner programs .

In Progress

Complete full website desktop and mobile functionality.  Bring website visits to a weekly average of 100.

In Progress

We anticipate an additional $1,000.00 in endowment income for 2023 for a total of $2,000.00. Total endowment being $45,000.00

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